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Families are most welcome. We are keen on meeting the needs of both parents and children. From animation to flexible meal hours, from the playground to the comfort room, family services at Hotel Rosenblatt are attracting a growing number of families.

Password: play!

Animation for children organised in partnership with the association “GuardiaMondo” for project “Rediscover Nature”, which entertains children in a creative and stimulating way, respecting nature and the environment. Various creative activities are daily proposed, including workshops and team games. Finally, animation moves to the beach with activities organised by animators of our partner beach establishment.


The time of meals can be anticipated for children, if required, with a baby menu, including baby food, broth, soups and special menus. We provide our little guests with cutlery, glasses, bibs, and high chairs for their utmost comfort. In addition, a delicious snack is also served in the afternoon.

Feeling at home

Games, comfort, convenient facilities, savoury cuisine and fun for children. The hotel has an outdoor play area, veranda, mini-club for workshops and a swimming-pool for kids. We also provide free strollers, bottle warmers, high chairs, camp cots, bed rails, baths, changing tables and much more. Babysitting and paediatrician, on request. Children will be thrilled to stay at Hotel Rosenblatt, and parents may enjoy a relaxing, carefree holiday of absolute peace.

Baby pool

The hotel's heated swimming-pool with hydromassage bath also features dedicated areas for kids with a fun water mushroom and a depth of 45 cm. The ideal place to play safely.


Love it! It's like home. We are always taken care of. Nice people, great host, great attitude! Well positioned - close to everything we need on vacation. Good food! Sweets! Bycicles, swimming pool. All your requests and questions answered. Always think of going there again and again.


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